Thursday, May 15, 2008

Montford sketch map

Like the Asheville map (below), I spent only about a minute on this, and if I'd had color I could have indicated degrees of familiarity, zones in which I spend more time than others, etc. I could also indicate routes -- where I walk the dog, the path to work, the path downtown. By clicking on the image one can see the sketch in greater detail. I'm thinking this is a great way to archive, study, interpret, and discuss the maps, such as this one, that people draw.

For instance, I notice that I have not placed my home at the center of the map. Could it be, I ask myself, that I do not think that my house lies at the center but on the periphery? A conversation around that question would be useful in trying to understand my understanding of Montford and my place in Montford.

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